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Bugs & Viruses "For at least a decade, the standard advice to every computer user has been to run antivirus software. But new, more commercial, more complex and stealthier types of malware have people in the industry asking: will antivirus software be effective for much longer? Among the threats they see are malware that uses the ability of the latest processors to run virtual machines that would be hidden from antivirus programs." Note: Please note that our icon contest is still running! So if you have an idea on how to rework this story's icon, read this.
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RE: Being Lazy
by chrono13 on Sun 23rd Sep 2007 13:30 UTC in reply to "Being Lazy"
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"But she refuses to believe that it could be a virus/rootkit since you subscribes to an antivirus service from her ISP."

I forgot to add False Sense of Security to my list.

All of these *reactive* scanners instill a false sense of security. You have anti-virus. Do you have a virus? No? How do you know? Because your anti-virus didn't detect one?

This is also unfortunately true for those who do not have subscriptions to update their antivirus. "But I have antivirus. How did I get a virus?". I kindly explain that they owe some company $50/year for the privilege of mediocre protection.

Ok, I don't say it like that, I'm actually really nice in real life, but that is what I want to say.

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