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Linux Elive is a Live CD featuring Enlightenment as the only window manager (and desktop shell too). Its version 0.1 was mostly an alpha release, and while E16 ran fine, E17 was severely broken in many aspects. Elive 0.3 fixes most of those problems and presents E17 at a point where it's perfectly usable for the day-to-day desktop. Read the review here. Update: screenshots.
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RE: food stuff
by sbenitezb on Sun 4th Sep 2005 19:43 UTC in reply to "food stuff"
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So you think that your specs are not royal? I use a P3 600 Mhz and 128MB ram and my GNOME works fine. I've used KDE too and worked fine too.

I would really expect lots of eye candy without problems with E17 or GNOME or KDE in your configuration.

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RE[2]: food stuff
by butters on Mon 5th Sep 2005 11:04 in reply to "RE: food stuff"
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I can't imagine how you run anything in 128MB of RAM. I just rebooted for the first time in a couple months because all of my memory (256MB) and all of my swap (512MB) were entirely consumed. Now let's take a look at my RSS numbers. The top 3 are Firefox, X, and Thunderbird in that order, taking up 108 MB in total. Comparitively, GNOME is not memory intensive. The only major problem I notice is about 56 MB used by my modest array of panel applets (weather, battery, system monitor, clock, and volume). Gnome-terminal is pretty heavy, but not too bad.

The problem isn't the desktop environments: it's Firefox, Thunderbird, and X. Evolution is way more memory hungry than Thunderbird. Epiphany consumes about 25% less than Firefox.

Linux systems are developing a bulging memory problem, albeit not as bad as MacOSX or Windows Vista. I remember when Phoenix really was a fast, memory efficient browser. What happened?

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