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Linux Linux users want two things for their hardware: drivers; and easy access to those drivers. The first is finally happening; and now, thanks to a Dell Linux project called DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support), the other is on its way. Dell and Linux distributors have been working on DKMS for about five years now. Its purpose is to create a framework where kernel-dependent module source can reside, so that it is very easy to rebuild modules. In turn, this enables Linux distributors and driver developers to create driver drops without having to wait for new kernel releases. For users, all this makes it easier to get up-to-the-minute drivers without hand compiling device drivers.
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That Greg KH was foisting on the community and scaring away potential 3rd party driver developers

folks - this project from dell is essentially a way to make precompiled drivers work on any kernel and to prove that module versioning was utter BS from the kernel developers

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No. It's not. Not at all. It is an automated way to recompile drivers against a given kernel. It does not magically make a driver that was compiled against kernel X work with kernel Y without recompilation.

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