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Bugs & Viruses "For at least a decade, the standard advice to every computer user has been to run antivirus software. But new, more commercial, more complex and stealthier types of malware have people in the industry asking: will antivirus software be effective for much longer? Among the threats they see are malware that uses the ability of the latest processors to run virtual machines that would be hidden from antivirus programs." Note: Please note that our icon contest is still running! So if you have an idea on how to rework this story's icon, read this.
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AV is a bandaid
by trev on Mon 24th Sep 2007 20:21 UTC
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Unfortunately, Windows has significant security flaws in it's design. User expectation of similar behavior makes it even harder to change this.

Users should escalate their privileges BEFORE they run something that requires it and release them once done. They should NOT be prompted to escalate when doing it. Novice users should be required to have/get basic understanding of the risks BEFORE they are given the power to escalate privileges. This fundamental concept is lost in the quest to reduce support calls/tickets and the problem still exists in Vista.

AV is a bandaid that TRIES to react to the ever changing hostile environment to make up for this (with varying degrees of effectiveness BELOW 100%). This is why you will need it on any system that does not respect the concept above. The include: win 2000, XP, Vista, Linspire (while running as root) and others I'm sure.

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