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Features, Office Microsoft said that Office 2008 will come in three versions. The "core" version, Office 2008 for Mac, including all the applications plus Automator and Microsoft Exchange Server support, will cost USD 399.95, with a USD 239.95 upgrade price. Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student Edition will allow three user licenses, but it won't include the Automator and Exchange Server support. It will cost USD 149.95 for the retail version, with no upgrade pricing announced. New to the lineup will be Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition, which will add Microsoft Expression Media for Mac, a revised version of the iView Media digital asset management utility. iView was acquired by Microsoft in 2006. This version will cost USD 499.95, with a USD 299.95 upgrade price.
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RE: Someone has to say it...
by MollyC on Tue 25th Sep 2007 20:17 UTC in reply to "Someone has to say it..."
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I was laughing about that earlier today. Speculation is that "10000" appeared in the code when it should've been "0x10000". OOPS!

Slashdot posters are saying it's a display bug rather than a calculation error (because graphs still display properly and calculations built on the incorrect cells give correct values). But even if the underlying data is correct, it's still a MAJOR screw-up for the display of the data to be wrong, particularly for cases where human-beings are eye-balling the spreadsheet themselves (rather than just feeding them into larger calculations).

Huge embarrasment for the Excel team, which I gather is one of Microsoft's most proud teams.

"Will Excel 2008 be able to multiply?"

Well, if it doesn't, then MacBU would be even more embarrassed since the bug is known well before they'll ship. :p

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RE[2]: Someone has to say it...
by MollyC on Wed 26th Sep 2007 04:11 in reply to "RE: Someone has to say it..."
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A followup on the Excel 2007 bug, straight from the Excel team's blog:

The fix is going thru internal testing and should be released soon.

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