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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 2.20. "GNOME 2.20 was officially released last week after six months of development. The new version includes strong incremental improvements that contribute to a better user experience and provide more flexibility and integration opportunities for third-party software developers."
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RE[4]: Mono required
by Tweek on Tue 25th Sep 2007 22:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Mono required"
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You are the type of person that just wants to complain about mono, you have no basis for not liking it, it doesnt matter to you. Hell you will never even use gnome. But you like to start the same old tired idiotic flame wars over and over.

Get back to class.

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RE[5]: Mono required
by Rehdon on Wed 26th Sep 2007 08:31 in reply to "RE[4]: Mono required"
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You may be surprised at this little piece of news, but not all objections to software technology have to be technical. The guy expressed a legitimate concern, namely that in an unprecised future MS might be using Mono to strongarm or stop (or simply FUD about: see their stance on patent FUD) Gnome development.

So it doesn't matter how good Mono is on purely technical grounds, if it's a poisoned pill having it go down your throat nice and sweet can only make things worse for you.


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RE[6]: Mono required
by superstoned on Wed 26th Sep 2007 09:49 in reply to "RE[5]: Mono required"
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Indeed. PPL fell all over Novell for the MS deal, but they love Silverlight and Mono. Well, in my book, Mono is NOT Free Software, as it's patent-ridden and it's future and development are controlled by Microsoft

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