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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 2.20. "GNOME 2.20 was officially released last week after six months of development. The new version includes strong incremental improvements that contribute to a better user experience and provide more flexibility and integration opportunities for third-party software developers."
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I don't get why there aren't filepreviews and such in the filechooser. Doesn't the filechooser just reuse code from Nautilus? Or is it something totally different? Of course, I'm looking at this from a KDE view, where I know Dolphin offers it's fileview to Konqueror and every filedialog in KDE - so they all have filepreviews, several basic viewing capabilities like list/icons/details and some basic editing like 'new folder'. That approach just makes sense to me - can't you guys do that in Gnome? Or is code reuse evil, or is it impossible due to architecture, or???

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"Doesn't the filechooser just reuse code from Nautilus?"

It doesn't. They want GTK to be independent and don't want it to depend on Nautilus, so they don't use Nautilus code and thus it doesn't support file previews natively.

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The VFS (GNOME-VFS) has traditionally been higher in the stack than the toolkit (GTK+/GLib). This made using GNOME-VFS in the lower parts of the stack hard (interfaces and abstractions had to be used).

GVfs/GIO will be put in the right place of the stack, namely in the toolkit itself. (And hence, no more abstractions are needed... on that level at least.)

Reusing too much stuff (some might be reasonable...) from the filemanager would just lead to another bunch of abstractions.

I guess KDE is a bit different since it builds a layer on top of the toolkit so abstractions are the rule rather than the exception? (Note: I haven't looked on any KDE code in a looong time...)

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Yeah Alex Larson is the gnome-vfs maintainer who decided to write gvfs. gvfs doesn't solve the problem that is needed for thumbnails in filechoosers.

The thumbnail code (parts of poppler) need to be in gtk which won't happen anytime soon. Can't find the bug right now where the maintainers flat rejected it.

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