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Linux Elive is a Live CD featuring Enlightenment as the only window manager (and desktop shell too). Its version 0.1 was mostly an alpha release, and while E16 ran fine, E17 was severely broken in many aspects. Elive 0.3 fixes most of those problems and presents E17 at a point where it's perfectly usable for the day-to-day desktop. Read the review here. Update: screenshots.
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RE[2]: food stuff
by VenomousGecko on Mon 5th Sep 2005 04:29 UTC in reply to "food stuff"
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I am not saying that E17 does not look cool but to say that they are "outcoding the two biggest DE's" is saying a bit much. E17 is NOT a DE and it does not have nearly the features of KDE/Gnome. The way I see E17 is that it is a functioning proof of concept but not necessarily going to give KDE and/or Gnome a run for their money.

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RE[3]: food stuff
by butters on Mon 5th Sep 2005 11:37 in reply to "RE[2]: food stuff"
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"The way I see E17 is that it is a functioning proof of concept but not necessarily going to give KDE and/or Gnome a run for their money."

If you had said "...doesn't necessarily give...," I might agree. But it IS "going to give" the big DE's a run for their money. They ARE "outcoding the two biggest DE's." There's no way you could convince me otherwise.

I say this all this all the time, and I feel like a broken record: It's not about what you see in the screenshots. It's about the raw power and elegance of the EFL. Qt can't match this and GTK+ certainly can't.

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RE[4]: food stuff
by Wrawrat on Tue 6th Sep 2005 22:52 in reply to "RE[3]: food stuff"
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Having "raw power and elegance" doesn't matter if nobody uses it. Without applications and integration, E17 is going to stay an interesting tool for nerds, far from giving the big DEs a run for their money. I just gave it a try. The design is not my cup of tea, but it's still visually appealing. There are some interesting concepts, but nothing to start up a revolution. Right now, the lack of programs designed for E17 makes you use apps relying on QT or GTK+. There goes a big part of the optimisations.

Note that I am not saying they are wasting their times. I would definitely like to see more developers that really cares about details like performance and memory consumption like Rasterman. Yet, I don't expect it will make an huge impact, judging by all the stuff done by fd.o that was already implemented a while ago by the E-team...

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