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Novell and Ximian "Two months ago, the Brazilian Linux community gathered around BR-Linux invited Novell to answer 10 questions sent and selected by the users, about the company's stance on Linux, open source, licenses, document formats and other subjects." "Novell has been very consistent on this issue and we have publicly stated that we do not believe that Linux infringes on any Microsoft patents. That being said, our agreement with Microsoft takes the patent issue off the table for customers. We have simply made the patent issue a non-event as part of a customer buying decision."
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MS/Novell agreement
by hussam on Thu 27th Sep 2007 13:03 UTC
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There's nothing wrong with keeping discussions of Novell and Microsoft agreement as long as we keep those discussions mature enough. Neither of the two companies did this for the community or their customers. This is just business and whether we like it or not, business deals will happen.

Novell has already contributed a lot to Linux not just technology but also with popular applications such as compiz, beagle and evolution.
Microsoft also has contributions to the computer world that they did back in the days.

There's nothing wrong with this not passing by easily. If Pepsi united with Coca Cola, we would be talking about it for 10 years.

I'm not defending either Novell or Microsoft. You just can't expect a big company to always ask consumers whether company policy is good for those consumers. I bet there are Windows fans angry about Microsoft making a deal with a "Linux company" as much as there are Linux fans angry about Novell making a deal with Microsoft. And although that's childish, it is the normal behavior of people. It stems from people's justifications of their choice of operating systems.

As for ooxml, Novell's openoffice patches are a bit buggy according to OpenOffice issuezilla but I am sure the situation will eventually improve. It is however good that Microsoft has came out with ooxml. Staying stagnant with ".doc" for a long time wasn't good. But I still encourage OpenOffice users on both Linux and Windows to use ODF. It is really great.

One last thing, apart from the vfat issue, are there really patent issues in Linux? Even if Novell thinks/admits there is, I won't believe it until I hear it from Linus himself.

@raver31, please leave politics out of this. OSNews is a very popular technology related website and people from all over the globe read this website. Not everybody appreciates your Iraq analogies. Thanks.

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