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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 2.20. "GNOME 2.20 was officially released last week after six months of development. The new version includes strong incremental improvements that contribute to a better user experience and provide more flexibility and integration opportunities for third-party software developers."
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RE[6]: Mono required
by abraxas on Thu 27th Sep 2007 14:54 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Mono required"
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You're a fool if you think that microsoft would ignore wine, if it ever hurt their bottom-line.

Will an OS that is playing catch up to an already existing OS really affect Microsoft? It hasn't in the many years that WINE has been in existance and in those many years a lot of tin-foil-hat-wearers have predicted WINE's demise by way of Microsft, yet it hasn't happened. Microsoft no longer has the power to destroy OSS anyway. OSS has many allies with many patents, much more than Microsoft. A patent war with OSS is the last thing Microsoft needs.

The fact remains, Microsoft has defacto control over the direction of C# and .NET.

True, but they don't have control over Mono. Mono doesn't need to stay compatible with Microsoft's .NET. Just because they are attempting to now doesn't mean that they cannot change course in the future if Microsoft f--ks up the standard royally. After ALL Mono is open source.

Mono should stick with what they've got in ECMA, and then do their own things!

Holy shit have you read one thing I've said? Essentially that is what Mono is doing.

The fact that novell/mono has signed patent deals with microsoft should set off ALL alarm clocks, yet it hasn't...

It only sets off alarm clock in toil-foil-hat-wearers heads. The rest of the sane world knows that Novell and Microsoft have a long history of business together and this particular agreement allows Novell much more freedom to accomplish their goals of creating software that is interoperable with Microsoft's software.

A lot of people saw the Novell deal as bad because it doesn't offer explicit protections to everyone who uses the software, just Novell customers. I would love for Novell to force something like this on Microsoft but it's just not going to happen and Novell did what was best for Novell. That's what businesses do.

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