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Java "After nearly a year of hard work the JNode team is proud to announce the release of JNode 0.2.5, the new intermediary development version of the JNode operating system. JNode is a free, open source Java technology base OS written fully in Java language (with a very small assembler nano-kernel). This release features OpenJDK integration, Java 6 support, substantially impoved consoles, experimental support for isolates and a large set of bug fixes and improvements to all parts of the system, including better memory mamagement and increased performance."
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Alot of the performance issues could be resolved using a feature within the CPU to speed up execution. IIRC ARM for example created a CPU feature which improved java performance by a huge factor. I'm surprised that Intel/AMD hasn't jumped on the bandwagon - especially for the server space.

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interestingly chip pioneer David Ditzel gave his views on why Java processors weren't a great idea in a recent podcast:

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The argument is normally because they consume more power or that they add too much to an already bloated chip; but given how things have shrunk - I don't see the harm. I mean, there are things like XML accelerators, cryto off loading boards and tcp/ip off loading. A CPU that can process Java quicker would certainly be a benefit rather than a pointless addition.

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