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Windows According to at least one blogger, Microsoft should abandon Vista before it's too late. It would appear he's not alone in this opinion, as Microsoft has begun allowing users to downgrade back to XP. Amongst the reasons? Poor sales figures and shoddy Vista "Extras".
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RE: my take
by mym6 on Thu 27th Sep 2007 17:40 UTC in reply to "my take"
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One of the problems though is MS took six years to create what Vista is today. Vista should be an incremental upgrade to what XP was and in many ways it is. When XP was released it finally brought together the stable foundation that was in NT/2000 with the multimedia and ease of use abilities of the 9x series (lets not even mentioned ME) so it seemed more excusable at the time for it to have some issues.

Vista changes a number of things that didn't need to get changed. Why is it so much more of a hassle to get your network devices or to view wireless networks? Why does the display preferences part of the control panel works so different depending on whether you have aero enabled or not? It's confusing for no reason.

Vista also suffers because it offers nothing you can't already get in XP or Media Center addition with free downloads on the web. It simply catches up and adds a bit of shine and calls it a day. Hardly worth six years of wait for.

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