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Windows According to at least one blogger, Microsoft should abandon Vista before it's too late. It would appear he's not alone in this opinion, as Microsoft has begun allowing users to downgrade back to XP. Amongst the reasons? Poor sales figures and shoddy Vista "Extras".
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Interesting to note...
by jaypee on Thu 27th Sep 2007 20:07 UTC
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In the interest of disclosure, I am an avid Linux user. With that being said, I couldn't imagine sinking billions into a product and then, basically, giving up the ghost. So, I do believe that Microsoft should forge ahead with Vista but, like someone stated earlier, should pare down the choices and possibly the price.

As a Linux user, I like choice but, at least in the case of home users, Windows is marketed based on simplicity and familiarity. Telling people they can choose from up to 5 versions of the same os by the same company may be daunting.

However, I did find comments indicating that Windows Vista will take a year or so to be a "stable" platform very interesting. If I pay up to $400 hundred dollars for an OS or buy a computer ranging from several hundred to several thousand with that os, why should I need to wait a year or more while a company, with tens of billions in revenue, works out the kinks? To me, that sounds like an expensive beta test.

Sorry to put it that way because I know that there are users who are extremely well-versed in the ins and outs of Windows who, like us Linux users, work around issues. But, to put the onus on customers in that way may be the reason that fewer people are adopting Vista at this point in time.

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