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Java "After nearly a year of hard work the JNode team is proud to announce the release of JNode 0.2.5, the new intermediary development version of the JNode operating system. JNode is a free, open source Java technology base OS written fully in Java language (with a very small assembler nano-kernel). This release features OpenJDK integration, Java 6 support, substantially impoved consoles, experimental support for isolates and a large set of bug fixes and improvements to all parts of the system, including better memory mamagement and increased performance."
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Other Scripting Languages Integration
by mtasic85 on Fri 28th Sep 2007 08:03 UTC
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It will be very nice if this OS can bring other scripting languages like Python, Ruby, etc.

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John Nilsson Member since:
Included BeanShell and Rhino (JavaScript) as scripting languages (encouraging results with Jython, Kawa (Scheme), JRuby 1.0 and Scala)
(Have no idea why they list Scala with the "scripting languages" Scala though...

And before reverting to scripting languages, give Scala a spin. It far exceeds Java in power and flexibility.

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