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Windows According to at least one blogger, Microsoft should abandon Vista before it's too late. It would appear he's not alone in this opinion, as Microsoft has begun allowing users to downgrade back to XP. Amongst the reasons? Poor sales figures and shoddy Vista "Extras".
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Windows XP was no diffrent (and still is)
by tuaris on Fri 28th Sep 2007 14:58 UTC
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Any one that says Vista is a great operating system, is a more than likely a novice computer user, a "Microsoftie", or hasn't really USED the operating system.

I've seen lots of comments comparing how Vista is similar to Windows XP in it's early days. I remember using Windows XP back in 2002, my eXPerience was much better than Windows Vista, but I still hated it. Windows Vista is much slower, has much more garbage, and includes technologies that limit what you can do with your computer.

Unless your using an "optimized" or "nlite'd" version, Windows XP SP2 is still just as bloated and full of crap. I used Windows 2000 SP4 until I discovered nLite a year ago. Windows XP suddenly became useful after all the crap was removed.

Until vLite (nlite for Vista) can catch up to nLite, Windows Vista just isn't work the trouble, time, or the money. It's not even worth pirating!

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