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Windows "Responding to feedback from customers and third parties, Microsoft has extended the availability of Windows XP to both original equipment manufacturers and retail channels through to June 30, 2008. Originally slated to be pulled from retail shelves and OEMs on January 30, 2008 - only a year after Windows Vista's debut - customers requested more time to prepare for the upgrade to Vista."
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RE[10]: Never thought I'd say this
by Jokel on Sat 29th Sep 2007 13:27 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Never thought I'd say this"
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You know - it's funny to see when a driver in Linux fails it's always the fault of Linux, but when a driver in Windows fails it's the fault of anything but Windows. Talking about biased...

But there MUST be a reason drivers in Vista are not functioning well - even if Vista is out for almost a year by now. There MUST be a reason they still can't get it into decent working order.

Could it be the holy WDDDM from heaven has some dark speckles on it? Could it be the hardware makers are seriously and desperately trying to write some working drivers, but are hindered by too complicated and right-on inconsistent API's produced by Microsoft?

Could it be the design is so broken it is nearly impossible to write a decent driver? Maybe it could be like a water bed - flatten some part out, only to see it bump up somewhere else?

Just a tought...

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I wouldn't fault any system for a driver failure, don't throw me into that category. It's something outside the hands of the kernel developers.

I'd call it the laziness of the Driver vendors themselves, it's the reason why there are performance variations between ATI/NVidia in many different places.

WDDM is a brand new architecture, Windows XP's driver model already had the chance to become refined over the years. That's why the performance (for a little while) will be better.

I think it's silly to start making assumptions about the quality of WDDM especially when the Driver vendors themselves admit what the problem is.

Unless you're forgetting, WDDM was something that was drafted and implemented as a result of working with the Driver Vendors.

I'm not going to keep repeating myself though, you can re-read my past comments and make your own educated conclusion.

Best of luck.

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