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Amiga & AROS The Amiga world is an interesting one to follow. As an outsider, it is almost impossible to fully understand all the processes at work over there. The various companies, the individuals, the developers, The Three Men And A Cow who own an AmigaOne - they are not making it any easier. The past few weeks have seen quite a few news items regarding the Amiga platform. Did they help in creating a clearer picture of where the Amiga stands?
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RE: Let me understand you...
by gleng on Sun 30th Sep 2007 15:50 UTC in reply to "Let me understand you..."
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Anyway, I DO urge people to install AROS and find out how useful it is... Or do they have to wait for the UAE integration, which will be happening in "more two weeks"? ;)

To be fair, AROS have never announced or promised anything ("no schedule and rockin'"), so they have no promises to break.

No one's picked the UAE integration bounty up yet, so it will be a while. UAE as a stand alone app works fine though.

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