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Fedora Core "The world is changing and online applications are becoming more and more popular, whether for e-mail or word processing. The developers behind Bigboard and Gnome's 'online desktop' initiative think it's time our desktops started catching up. Read on to find an interview with Colin Walters, more information about Bigboard, the online desktop and the obligatory screencast showing it off!"
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by Punktyras on Sun 30th Sep 2007 15:53 UTC
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It seems to me like putting all eggs in one basket. What if you write something and net brokes? What if someone steals information travelling through net? Yes, I know about encryption, but also know about unmatched naivines and plain stupidity of people.

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RE: Unreliable...
by Wintermute on Sun 30th Sep 2007 19:50 in reply to "Unreliable..."
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The whole "put your eggs in one basket" argument is not really relevant when it comes to computing.

Current usage of computers could also be viewed as unreliable considering how many new potential sources of problems are created by using computers. E.g. When moving to digital format, it's a lot easier to steal info. It's a trade off between complexity and productivity/flexibility.

It's just a matter of time before web enabled applications become the norm. We have to wait till the infrastructure and ecosystem catches up to these new web-based application systems.

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RE: Unreliable...
by flanque on Sun 30th Sep 2007 23:08 in reply to "Unreliable..."
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There's something about having it physically secure in my home that appeals very strongly over having all my personal information stored places only God knows.

It's a nice concept, but in a world where identity theft and fraud are increasing, online desktops just don't make sense to me.

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RE[2]: Unreliable...
by dagw on Mon 1st Oct 2007 08:48 in reply to "RE: Unreliable..."
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There's something about having it physically secure in my home that appeals very strongly over having all my personal information stored places only God knows.

On the one hand I can agree with that arguement. I'm sure this man did as well up until recently.

On the other hand I've seen the (physical and data) security at some of these off site data storage facilities and it sure as hell beats the crap out of anything I have in my home, or any office I worked in for that matter. Let me encrypt the data end to end with my own key and I'll be content.

On the third hand being dependant on a net (fast enough) connection to access your data isn't good. So it's not that simple either.

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RE: Unreliable...
by spikeb on Mon 1st Oct 2007 09:02 in reply to "Unreliable..."
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It's pretty much up to the distros who implement this sort of thing to make sure that encryption and whatnot is done by default, without user intervention. If past security practices are any indication, fedora at least will do just that.

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RE: Unreliable...
by orfanum on Mon 1st Oct 2007 14:51 in reply to "Unreliable..."
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naivines - sorry, is this some sort of Cockney reference to what people do in battleships to keep themselves occupied, perhaps? In other words, people in glass houses...

Are you stupid if, in using your phone, you subsequently find out the government has been taping your calls?

The behaviour is called risk taking...some act without being aware of the risks...

Enough of the 'stupid ' argument - it belongs in the same place as the 'lazy' argument, i.e., in a very deep marine trench somewhere with enough radioactive material atop it to keep the idle curious at bay...


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