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General Development The LLVM Project recently released a new version of their compiler, optimizer and code generators. LLVM includes a drop-in GCC-compatible C/C++ and ObjC compiler, mature optimization technology (including cross file/whole program optimization), and a highly optimizing code generator. For people who enjoy hacking on compilers and runtimes, LLVM provides libraries for implementing custom optimizers and code generators including JIT compiler support. This release is the first to provide beta GCC 4.2 compatibility as well as the new "clang" C/ObjC front-end, which provides capabilities to build source-to-source translators and many other tools.
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RE[5]: An interesting project
by edwdig on Mon 1st Oct 2007 17:46 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: An interesting project"
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I think the cost of writing compiler backends would be insignificant compared to the cost of developing new chips. Do you have reasons to believe the contrary?

It depends on what you're trying to do.

If you're trying to create a clockless chip, I'm sure the chip development is far more expensive than the compiler development.

But look at the Itanium. It's a chip with a lot of theoretical performance. Getting that improvement requires vastly more work from compilers than on other architectures. No one has really managed to make the chip shine yet.

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