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Amiga & AROS Bill McEwen of Amiga, Inc. writes in a public letter: "Over the last several months and in fact couple of years, Amiga has continued our software and business development and generally kept quiet. This path of quietness was chosen so that we communicated only when there was a development that culminated in a product that could be purchased. In recent weeks, our being quiet has been interpreted as weakness or an open invitation to attempt harming our business relationships and opportunities with partners and customers."
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by ncorreia on Wed 3rd Oct 2007 14:06 UTC
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IMHO the status quo is on the consumer market itself as a whole:

- We've had only three competing major players in the OS arena at least for the last five years, all with comparable strengths
- Apple's rise in popularity and haul to x86, Intel's Centrino and AMD64/EM64T furthered that ISA's stranglehold on the market

So things really aren't very interesting because platforms are stagnated, and I think we're far from a saturated market.

It's a shame companies like Amiga don't move and provide alternative platforms that are interesting, viable, to spice this thing up.

In the early 80s we had dozens of consumer-grade platforms with little to no interoperability or compatibility, but that's no longer a concern nowadays; we really could use more choices.

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RE: Bore!
by Jimbo on Wed 3rd Oct 2007 17:58 in reply to "Bore!"
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So things really aren't very interesting because platforms are stagnated, and I think we're far from a saturated market.

I think you're crazy to say that the x86/x86_64 platform is stagnant. PCI express, SATA, Core2 and other high performance per watt CPUs? Multi-core systems for grandma? Heck we even have physics processing units these days (we have yet to see if they'll ever become successful). Media center PCs, servers in the home... the only stagnant thing I see in this article is Amiga Inc.

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RE: Bore!
by stevieu on Thu 4th Oct 2007 11:20 in reply to "Bore!"
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stevieu83 (Me) - Ya know. This video is haunting...(Deathbed Vigil trailer on YouTube)


Well, I shall continue to go through life moaning. The 'failure' of the Amiga is another thing to moan about, along with the crap that goes on in this world.

The whole computer market/it industry is another situation that sums our race up. Blind and devoid! (well, I won't mention names)


hazydave (Dave Haynie - Commodore, Chief Engineer) - I read an interview with Bob Dylan; he had an observation.. was a time when you could travel in the USA, and it was like changing countries in Europe. Today the culture is the same.

That's reflected in computing,.. we have PCs, Windows, all the same. Weirdness is tragically ust at the fringe. You can travel to Key West or New Orleans or Austin and get a slice of "something better" today. There are few using something else... but the differences are dramatically less than back in the 80s.

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