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Qt Trolltech has unleashed a Windows CE version of Qt, its cross-platform application development framework. Qt/WinCE, made available today as a downloadable technology preview, is scheduled to see its final release 'late in Q1 2008', the company said. Qt is an application development framework aimed at enabling developers to compile binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux OSes from a single code base. Qt's API (application programming interface) comprises some 400 C++ class libraries, Trolltech says.
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Are there any good bindings for Common Lisp
by malkia on Thu 4th Oct 2007 16:30 UTC
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Does anyone knows of good Common Lisp bindings for Qt?

I have XDA Pro, and I've got only OpenLisp, and some old port of GCL running on it. They both have a problem with the way the console window is made (it clears once it goes down). I was thinking trying to get CLISP or ECL (might be easier) running on it, but couldn't find any suitable library for the console window, graphics, etc.

Qt might be a good bet.

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