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NetBSD The NetBSD team has released the second release candidate of NetBSD 4.0. "There have been many fixes since the previous release candidate, RC1. The most important ones are: ICH9 support in wm(4); enhanced Speedstep support for VIA C7/Eden and amd64; many bugfixes for IPF; FAST_IPSEC fixes; wpi(4) bugfix; proplib local DoS fix; and much more."
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Huge Improvements
by dbolgheroni on Fri 5th Oct 2007 05:13 UTC
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As project_2501 said above, there are huge improvements going on in NetBSD, specially in SMP, wireless drivers (following OpenBSD steps), virtualization, etc. OpenBSD 4.2 is coming too.

There are a lot of hype caused by many operating systems (mainly Linux distributions) in OSNews, ranging from minor visual changes in Ubuntu (Linux Mint?), forks that in fact are the same as the system forked, etc.

This one is different. This is real computing. Congratulations.

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RE: Huge Improvements
by sbergman27 on Sun 7th Oct 2007 14:55 in reply to "Huge Improvements"
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This one is different. This is real computing.


If they are making rapid progress, that is good. But in all fairness, NetBSD desperately *needed* a huge amount of progress to regain relevance in today's OS landscape.

See this candid post from a NetBSD founder, written about a year ago:

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RE[2]: Huge Improvements
by dbolgheroni on Mon 8th Oct 2007 04:00 in reply to "RE: Huge Improvements"
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I read this article. But the fact (this benchmark shows it) is they are really making huge improvements whatever is happening in "The Foundation".

NetBSD is one of the most performance-addict OS in every aspect, even with few developers and even being not enterprise supported like Linux. What make an OS relevant? What is not fair is call an OS like this as irrelevant just because a small "footprint" of users.

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