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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu A review of Linux Mint Celena. "I think Celena is a breath of fresh air. It is the best GNOME distribution I have ever used. The artwork is simply amazing, I think PCLinuxOS must take a hint or two from Celena. Strong emphasis is given to integrating the theme with applications. I can see the hard work Mint developers have put behind custom applications like Mint Menu, MintUpload, MintAssitant and Mint Control Center. They have done a commendable job and made our lives easy. They have not followed the trend and have included KDE applications, wherever they felt the need."
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So, only install security fixes, they should not change anything else. Like they do in Debian stable.

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i suspect that ubuntu is closer to unstable (iirc, testing == sid) then stable in that regard.

and often, separating a feature upgrade from a bugfix or security update in linux related software isnt always that simple.

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