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Mac OS X "Apple has begun preparatory measures for significant announcements to take place during the last full week of October, AppleInsider has been told. While sources have requested that we not go into detail regarding the specific measures being put into place, they say the announcements are likely to arrive any time between the 22nd and 27th of the month. Obviously, such a timeframe would coincide with Apple's self-imposed release schedule for Mac OS X Leopard, which the company - after having delayed the software once - has promised for 'October'." Think Secret thinks the same.
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RE[2]: Value of Upgrade
by Adam S on Fri 5th Oct 2007 20:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Value of Upgrade"
Adam S
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Sorry to burst your bubble, but the latest betas of Leopard do not feature resolution independence.


"Support for resolution independence, which has rudimentary support in Tiger and had been rumored to be arriving with full support in Leopard, remains no where to be found."


"not to mention the absence of "secret features" like resolution independence."

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RE[3]: Value of Upgrade
by beelzebush on Sat 6th Oct 2007 23:43 in reply to "RE[2]: Value of Upgrade"
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