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Mac OS X "Apple has begun preparatory measures for significant announcements to take place during the last full week of October, AppleInsider has been told. While sources have requested that we not go into detail regarding the specific measures being put into place, they say the announcements are likely to arrive any time between the 22nd and 27th of the month. Obviously, such a timeframe would coincide with Apple's self-imposed release schedule for Mac OS X Leopard, which the company - after having delayed the software once - has promised for 'October'." Think Secret thinks the same.
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RE[2]: Value of Upgrade
by aliquis on Fri 5th Oct 2007 21:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Value of Upgrade"
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I can deal with the new dock and to less extent the new menu bar even thought it doesn't make that much sense from a usability view. But what is up with Preview 4.0 toolbar buttons? They removed rotate buttons on images which is sort of annoying, but also the new kind of buttons are way harder to tell what they actually do, and less contrast then the old aqua ones. Sure they LOOK better, but they are harder to see, tell what they do and you miss the rotate functionality (I hate rotate in menues since I sometimes rotate the wrong way, with an icon it's rather obvious what way it will rotate in.)
(Which tells me now that CCW probably means counter clock wise and so on.. but anyway ;D. Menues takes longer time if nothing else.)

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RE[3]: Value of Upgrade
by Headrush on Fri 5th Oct 2007 22:31 in reply to "RE[2]: Value of Upgrade"
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Just edit the toolbar and add it back.

Editing toolbars in OS X is one of the most overlooked features that too many people don't even know about.

The new features in Preview 4.0 are great IMHO.

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RE[4]: Value of Upgrade
by aliquis on Sat 6th Oct 2007 06:06 in reply to "RE[3]: Value of Upgrade"
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On the screenshots I saw those two item (rotate in each way) wasn't there longer, you could add more sorts of zoom and so on but not rotate.

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