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PC-BSD Jan Stedehouder has used PC-BSD for thirty days to see what living with it is like. On day thirty, he concludes: "Does PC-BSD have the potential to be a serious contender for the open source desktop? I answered that question with a yes, because the potential is there. The solid FreeBSD roots, the very strong and very accessible information, the friendly and mature community and the PBI system provide the foundations for that potential. I don't think it is ready now and I couldn't recommend it yet to someone in the early stages of moving away from Windows to an open source desktop. But I do think that the PC-BSD team has the right target audience in mind and is building an system and a support system that addresses it's needs."
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RE: Package Management
by meianoite on Sat 6th Oct 2007 04:53 UTC in reply to "Package Management"
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What's really missing from the BSDs is good, binary package management. It's what really separates the BSDs from most Linux flavors. Debian, RedHat, SUSE, Mandriva, Ubuntu, and many more just have great package management systems that wonderfully install software.
This is what is really holding BSDs back from becoming mainstream (well, mainstream like Linux).

I just love how people freak out about Gentoo and how brilliant it is to compile everything from scratch and how everything is so fast and so tailored to one's needs... And on the other hand the BSDs are chastised for offering the same damn functionality. I mean, the BSDs inspired Gentoo's way and it was kind of revolutionary on the Linux world, and now people want the BSDs to Ubuntuise themselves?

Give me a humongous break.

There's the mainstream (Windows), there's the alternative (Mac OS X), there's the rebels (*nix clones).

My humble opinion is that if you decided to drift from the mainstream, take the friggin' jump for real, instead of hoping for a freebie drop-in replacement for Windows. If you want to empower yourself, empower yourself.

But if you want to be hand-guided into what you believe is the Wonderland of OSs, don't bark at the wrong tree. There are people working on providing the features you wish on several strains of those alternative OSs, but you can't really expect everything to fit your vision of how things should behave. Even on Wonderland you can't expect not to bump into the Cheshire cat or (gulp) the Queen of Hearts.

Some things just aren't designed to become mainstream; get over it. I'm sorry, but reading "The Universe in a Nutshell" doesn't make one an astrophysicist. Either you accept the whole package that comes with pursuing knowledge that's outside of the mainstream, or you accept the fact that otherwise you'll never go deeper than watching documentaries on Discovery Channel. It's really that simple.

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