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GNU, GPL, Open Source "A lot of bandwidth has been wasted arguing over the lack of usability in open-source software/free software. Some people say that bad usability is endemic to the entire OSS world, while others say that OSS usability is great but that the real problem is the closed-minded users who expect every program to clone Microsoft. Some people contend that UI problems are temporary growing pains, while others say that the OSS development model systematically produces bad UI. In an effort to understand usability in the OSS world, I've researched the stories behind my favorite - and least favorite - OSS programs. I've found a fascinating variety of personalities, design philosophies, and project organizations. Although I've only scratched the surface, there are already themes that come up again and again."
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Could be a good article but...
by chicobaud on Sun 7th Oct 2007 04:11 UTC
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Old opinions about KDE come always around. Leave it alone.
KDE is the best in usability ! Period. I know this might sound strange to some but it's an ace in usability - because this depends on your very *personal* perspective of usability. I can have my own you know ?
If you have to work with a lot of dialogues and if you need a swiss knife in GUI to get work done (and many times we do need it) there nothing else then KDE.


Why didn't he pointed his gun to GIMP ? Now that's a real disaster in OSS usability - I love and use GIMP but I feel I only learnt and use 50 % of the features it has. I never tough about using GIMP to retouch a digi photo; I have to use wine and win32.

Leave us KDE users alone, Thanks. There nothing wrong with the "Kitchen Sink" aproach.

(He is right about Python ! Tough )

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He does criticise The GIMP in "Mistake 2: Join the Clone Wars". Strangely you seem to be criticising The GIMP for having too many features: the same thing you praise KDE for.

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Strangely you seem to be criticising The GIMP for having too many features: the same thing you praise KD for.

Some would argue that The GIMP has too few features compared to Photoshop but I digress. The most commonly critized "feature" of GIMP is it's insistence to spread around half a dozen windows which makes it almost mandatory to run it in its own virtual desktop. Even then it's really pushing the taskbar model: Alt-Tabbing quickly becomes a nightmare and if you're in an unlucky position of having too few space in the taskbar it will most likely collapse it thus making it even aggravating to work with the GIMP.

And since we're at it: Can somebody point me to an *exact* definition of the legendary "average" user. He's permanent user in each discussion about GUI design so I'm kinda perplexed that he managed to evade me for years. Someone please introduce me to him.

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