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KDE KDE developer Pinheiro revealed his ideas on the next KDE menu, dubbed 'Raptor'. "What is Raptor? Raptor is a an amazing project I have been working on in the last few days. It tries to be a fresh new way of finding your desktop applications, and interacting with its users." A design document (containing more screenshots) is also available [.pdf].
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RE[2]: Vaporware
by rx182 on Sun 7th Oct 2007 17:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Vaporware"
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GeneralZod: You do have good points.

However, I still believe KDE 4.0 should be a major release. OSX 10.0 didn't look like OS9 at all ;)

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RE[3]: Vaporware
by Erunno on Sun 7th Oct 2007 17:50 in reply to "RE[2]: Vaporware"
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OSX 10.0 didn't look like OS9 at all ;)

Mac OS X also had a very troubled start if the Ars review of 10.4 is to be believed. People look at Leopard/Tiger today and seem to forget that the initial release was allegedly plagued by serious performance and stability bugs so much that Apple released 10.1 for free. Plus, the UI and features got refined other the years (Spotlight, Dashboard, etc) so why don't we give KDE 4 also a couple of years and releases before we pass final jugdgement on it?

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RE[4]: Vaporware
by Knuckles on Sun 7th Oct 2007 20:51 in reply to "RE[3]: Vaporware"
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Very true.

I had to do some maintenance the other day on a OSX 10.1 or 10.2 machine and it was indeed very different from 10.4, but when people say OSX they seem to only picture in their heads 10.3 and onwards, conveniently forgetting < 10.3.

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RE[4]: Vaporware
by schoate09 on Sun 7th Oct 2007 21:54 in reply to "RE[3]: Vaporware"
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You are seeming to forget that OS X was an entire OS, and had many issues at the kernel level, and many issues were hardware related. Those aforementioned issues loosely, if at all, apply to KDE.

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RE[3]: Vaporware
by tyrione on Sun 7th Oct 2007 19:19 in reply to "RE[2]: Vaporware"
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KDE isn't an Operating System. It's maturing Desktop environment. The heavy lifting for the filesystem, networking, etc., is done in the kernel, whether it's FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, OS X< Solaris, etc.

Let's not forget Trolltech Qt which KDE is co-dependent upon getting much of it's capabilities.

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