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Window Managers E16 version is now available for download. Changes: "Fix infinite loop when regenerating menus; fix potential incorrect termination of IPC connection which could cause segv.; eesh: fix bad event loop causing hangs in certain situations; fix xinerama head selection in certain situations; fix menu placement on xinerama screens; various minor bug fixes and enhancements."
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Am I the only one who thinks that the version numbering system used by Enlightenment is at least weird?
After 10 years of development all they can offer is v0.16.8.10???

How long are we going to wait for v0.32.16.20? Another 10 years? I think my grandchildren will have a big chance of living in the same era as the final version of Enlightenment.

Yes, I know each project sets its own version numbering system, and version 0.1 of project X might me more feature complete than version 0.1 of project Y. But it's high time Enlightenment used something more easy to follow.

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another ten years might bring out 0.17

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