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SuSE, openSUSE OpenSUSE 10.3 has been released today. "This version contains new beautiful green artwork, KDE 3.5.7 and parts of KDE 4, SUSE-polished GNOME 2.20, a GTK version of YaST, a new 1-click-install technology, MP3 support out-of-the-box, new and redesigned YaST modules, compiz and compiz fusion advances, virtualisation improvements, 2.3, Xfce 4.4.1, and much more!"
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by hibridmatthias on Mon 8th Oct 2007 15:13 UTC
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While I don't mind the equating of the two DEs, I do worry about all this Novell push toward Gnome/Gtk. They can say that openSuse is for enthusiasts et cetera, but the fact of the matter is, it still functions as the test bed/code base prototype for the enterprise side. All corporations have limited resources for capital reinvestment and development; I can see the possiblity of this leading to the siphoning of resources for KDE to GNOME, leaving the nice polish of KDE they have done in the dust of the past

Kubuntu is a great example of what I mean. Ubuntu is a nice GNOME distro, but Kubuntu is not as polished as of yet nor does it feel that way, 32 or 64 bit. I have installed and used both for the past 4 releases and it is actually a great example of exactly what I am concerned about happening to the openSuSe distro. Messy X installs, failures to boot, and other annoyances make Kubuntu feel like Ubuntu's red headed step child.

I don't mind if they drop KDE on the enterprise versions at all. The corporate folk can have and probably desire its simplicity and lack of functionality; but I do mind if they start to drop the ball with KDE on the openSuse product. If they decide shift resources from the KDE side, I think alot of users will be very disappointed or might have to look to Mandriva or some decent KDE based distro.

No this is not an anti Ubuntu/Kubuntu rant..just an iteration of what I see to be a common consensus in this forum with whcih I agree...

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