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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Stardock released version 6 of WindowBlinds, their Windows skinning suite, which is the first version to include full support for Windows Vista. Stardock was kind enough to provide OSNews with a copy of WindowBlinds 6.0. Read on for some findings.
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Windows XP crashed once when I inserted a CD - which is aparently "proof" that CDs are unstable ;-)

Was it a RIAA music CD, by any chance? I know they sometimes hide malicious code in their discs to try to prevent computers from playing them...

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Nar - was just a blank CD-R. XP was just throwing a hissy fit as it sometimes chooses to do.

I was just making the point that personal experience does not constitute as computer science fact.

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Quite. Anecdotes do not constitute data, and there are so many variables involved in computers that you need to get an aggregate of end user experiences on a range of hardware and software set-ups before you can start considering a problem with a particular piece of software or hardware as a bug or design flaw.

Something might not work for one person for a range of reasons, from a defective transistor in a CPU to a virus ridden machine loaded with crapware. But if something consistently shows the same pattern on several very different machines, then you can say something is a bit sus.

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