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Windows PCMag takes a look at the Vista SP1 beta, and concludes: "The actual first beta of SP1 may not deserve a fanfare, simply because - like all first betas - it has its own set of issues to resolve. But by the time you can get SP1 on the Microsoft Update site or as part of a new Vista installation DVD, you'll want your PC to have it. Nothing dramatic here, but SP1 is a solid, useful upgrade that makes the operating system a little safer and a little faster."
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Network performance?
by bsdnewbieee on Mon 8th Oct 2007 20:51 UTC
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They have not mentioned the "snail-speed" giga-bit NIC performance. Damn it.

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RE: Network performance?
by tarpit on Tue 9th Oct 2007 00:44 in reply to "Network performance?"
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That could be the result of the "new and improved" network stack in vista. At the last TS2 seminar they claimed better network performance between vista to vista /server 2008 than any windows version yet.

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It's due to the multimedia scheduler (MMCSS). Almost certainly fixed for SP1. Maybe not in the beta, though.

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RE[2]: Network performance?
by cg0def on Tue 9th Oct 2007 12:16 in reply to "RE: Network performance?"
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well you shouldn't complain too much since those same *improvements* are coming to XP as well and quite possibly to server 2k3. One thing I know is that SP3 ( while still in beta ) causes huge problems with the wireless connections on my XP machine. Wired generally does not have connection problems but they do occur sometimes and overall networking in SP2 works better than with SP3 beta installed. So if SP1 for vista is anything like this shame on them for claiming that it's in a beta stage. Beta software is supposed to be generally stable while it still might have some bugs as sufficient testing has not been done yet. Only MS seems to change the meanings of alpha and beta every time their marketing team deems it profitable ...

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