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Microsoft Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has warned users of Red Hat Linux that they will have to pay Microsoft for its intellectual property. "People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to compensate us," Ballmer said last week at a company event in London discussing online services in the UK.
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I just wish...
by HangLoose on Tue 9th Oct 2007 16:28 UTC
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That big linux companies like ibm, red hat, canonical could make some kind of lawsuit against this comments and demand microsoft to explain everything.

Sadly we dont know the positioning of Novell if this would happen.

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RE: I just wish...
by flanque on Tue 9th Oct 2007 21:22 in reply to "I just wish..."
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That's somewhat contradictory. You're asking for a lawsuit to shut them up, but then in the same lawsuit forcing them to talk.

I don't really get it.

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RE[2]: I just wish...
by archiesteel on Tue 9th Oct 2007 23:19 in reply to "RE: I just wish..."
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There's a difference between one says publicly (in this case, Ballmer's extortion-like rhetoric) and what one says under oath in a court of law.

Basically, the OP wants Ballmer to stop making public threats, and instead explain exactly how Linux infringes as part of legal action. In other words, he's inviting Ballmer to put his money where is mouth is (I agree: it's time to put up or shut up for MS about this).

Glad I could be of help.

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RE[2]: I just wish...
by Soulbender on Wed 10th Oct 2007 03:56 in reply to "RE: I just wish..."
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"That's somewhat contradictory."

Not at all. Stop the trash talk and defamation and instead provide some proof. Nothing contradictory there.

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