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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Stardock released version 6 of WindowBlinds, their Windows skinning suite, which is the first version to include full support for Windows Vista. Stardock was kind enough to provide OSNews with a copy of WindowBlinds 6.0. Read on for some findings.
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XP/Vista, Shareware/Pay
by s-peter on Wed 10th Oct 2007 03:37 UTC
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Thanks for the nice review, it gave good overall information about WindowsBlinds, as well as detailing specific important aspects. However, it would be nice if the review stated near the beginning which version was reviewed on what platform. (Reading through the review it seemed that it was the pay version on Vista.) And while the review is quite useful as it is, ideally it would be nicer if it mentioned the differences between the shareware/pay versions, and what features it supports on which platforms.

Inspired by the review, I just tried the shareware version on XP with the Vista Aero-like Diamond theme and found it quite nice. Even though the reviewer said that most of the themes didn't suit his taste, I think it's enough to find a few themes that you like. (Well, admittedly, an Aero-like theme may not be very new for Vista users... Still, it has the advantage that unlike in Aero, with the Diamond theme, the taskbar color is more matched to the frame colors.)

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