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SkyOS SkyOS Beta 6796 has been released. "This build features a complete new multimedia framework (the ISS), automatic file type sniffing, a new Media Center, new Panel, updated Viewer, new Application Manager and various other applications using the new C++ API. Furthermore: 28 additional API Classes, new and updated libraries, customizable WindUI theme, 220+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes."
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RE[2]: BSD code?
by Bahadir on Wed 10th Oct 2007 14:49 UTC in reply to "RE: BSD code?"
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how about a usb stack and a tcp/ip stack, are they also written by him?

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RE[3]: BSD code?
by DeadFishMan on Wed 10th Oct 2007 15:12 in reply to "RE[2]: BSD code?"
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Not to mention the font renderer which clearly looks a lot like FreeType. I don't think that it is as black and white as some people paint it to be. Robert probably picked some stuff here and there where the license was more permissive (such as BSD, MIT and to a lesser extent LGPL) and added into his code. And that's fine as these pieces of software are intended to be used this way.

However, I don't want to start yet another flamewar regarding GPL code in SkyOS as I have yet to see any evidence that backs up such assertion and it has been debated to death anyway...

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RE[4]: BSD code?
by zizban on Wed 10th Oct 2007 15:21 in reply to "RE[3]: BSD code?"
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Then why even post it? You have no evidence, only speculation. Robert says he did these thigns from scratch and unless you have proof otherwise, you have to take his word for it. It's his code.

Every time SkyOS comes up, people post the same thing and get the same answers.

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RE[3]: BSD code?
by zizban on Wed 10th Oct 2007 15:20 in reply to "RE[2]: BSD code?"
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Yes, from scratch by him.

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