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Windows "The principal reason given for the tremendous under-the-hood changes to Windows unveiled early this year in Vista was the need to overhaul the security model. Indeed, Vista has proven to be a generally more secure operating system, though some vulnerabilities that apply to ordinary software impact Vista users just as much as any other. But now, software analysts testing the latest build 3205 of the beta for Windows XP Service Pack 3 are discovering a wealth of genuinely new features - not just patches and security updates (although there are literally over a thousand of those), but services that could substantially improve system security without overhauling the kernel like in Vista."
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Ya right
by Edward on Thu 11th Oct 2007 17:09 UTC
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I urge everyone to stop buying into the fear culture of the AV and Personal Firewall vendors

Ya everyone let the attackers in, or just ditch wintarget for linux. Really why say don't use a AV or firewall? I have a AV, Firewll, Spyware blaster, & a Anti-spyware. I still get spyware & viruses at times. Do I go to porn & warez sites, no I don't. So safe surfing isn't allways to answer.

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RE: Ya right
by stestagg on Fri 12th Oct 2007 11:17 in reply to "Ya right"
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Actually, this isn't a stupid idea, if you have a router separating you from the internet, this is a pretty good filter for unsolicited traffic. Add that to safe-surfing habits and you have a pretty secure setup, even without virus checkers. I don't run an on-access virus scanner any more, just run regular (weekly) one-off scans of my entire system.

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