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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Earlier this week, Mandriva released Mandriva Linux 2008.0, the latest version of their flagship Linux distribution. Mandriva was so kind as to provide me with a copy of Mandriva Linux 2008.0 PowerPack, the commercial version. Back when it was named Mandrake, it was my first ever Linux distribution (I bought a Linux magazine), so I have always had a special place for Mandriva. Read on for a review.
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by AdamW on Thu 11th Oct 2007 23:36 UTC
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Thanks for the review, Thom. I can't find any argument with your criticism, though if you file bugs on the issues we'll certainly look at them. In particular you're right about the problem with switching from native to ndiswrapper drivers, it's really a pain that doesn't work. It's something I'm definitely going to ensure is fixed for 2008.1, and 2008 too if it can be fixed with an update. The good side is that bcm43xx really does work for most Broadcom chips now. ;)

I'm a bit surprised you say you tried removing the module entirely and it *still* didn't work, though - that should fix it. Did you reboot or modprobe -r bcm43xx after removing the module?

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