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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Earlier this week, Mandriva released Mandriva Linux 2008.0, the latest version of their flagship Linux distribution. Mandriva was so kind as to provide me with a copy of Mandriva Linux 2008.0 PowerPack, the commercial version. Back when it was named Mandrake, it was my first ever Linux distribution (I bought a Linux magazine), so I have always had a special place for Mandriva. Read on for a review.
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Nice-looking screenshots
by da_Chicken on Thu 11th Oct 2007 23:40 UTC
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Very nice-looking screenshots. Looks like Thom has changed the default position of the titlebar buttons -- a good move, IMO. I usually change also the colour of the titlebar to a darker shade of blue -- this is quite easy to do in KDE.

Thom has also removed the bottom-left menu button and added a top-left menu button. I usually remove the menu button altogether and assign a keyboard shortcut to invoke the application menu. I also assign keyboard shortcuts (Shift+F1, Shift+F2...) to start my most often used applications. Then you don't need to clutter the panel with application icons. Having two panels (one at the top and another at the bottom) seems like an excess to me.

You could try terminus fonts for Konsole, they look nicer. Does Mandriva have terminus fonts?

Congrats to Mandriva for a new release. Personally I prefer Debian and I don't plan to try Mandriva 2008.0 at this time.

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RE: Nice-looking screenshots
by AdamW on Thu 11th Oct 2007 23:51 in reply to "Nice-looking screenshots"
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"Does Mandriva have terminus fonts?"

Yup. Package name is terminus-font . In the contrib repository.

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da_Chicken Member since:

It's certainly nice that Mandriva makes the terminus fonts available via its contrib repository. However, it would be even nicer if you included them in your default installation.

IMHO, terminus fonts are the best terminal fonts available, both for tty's and for X terminals. Terminus fonts are the default fonts in Debian's "console-setup" utility that sets up tty's easily for different locales.

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