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Legal Groklaw reports that a company called IP Innovation, LLC, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Novell and Red Hat. Groklaw goes into black helicopter mode, trying to find a tie between this IP Innovation thing and Microsoft - and it finds it too. A few ex-Microsoft employees now work at IP Innovation. Do with it as you please.
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Can you please point me to any information where Microsoft sued others over patents so far?

SCO and this is just hearsay, there is no concrete proof that MS gave them money to sue others.

I strongly believe in "Innocent until proven Guilty". I feel if we let our assumptions or presumptions get in the way then we end up punishing innocents. Which is really really wrong.

I feel that MS is changing. MS is supporting Novell and supporting Linux in their upcoming products.

On the other hand, it is your popular open source companies that sue MS day and night like Google, IBM, SUN etc.

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Did you miss Ballmer's patent threats earlier this week? Seems you did.

Of course MS isn't directly involved - they're smarter than that.

As far as SCO is concerned, it may look like only a coincidence for those who are always ready to defend MS, no matter what, but in my book it's clear they financially supported the company in its efforts to smear Linux. In my opinion this latest happenstance is no different.

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SCO and this is just hearsay, there is no concrete proof that MS gave them money to sue others.

There was the smoking gun of emails from MS executives that were discovered showing that MS was trying to raise venture capital for SCO. Quite aside from MS's purchase of unnecessary Unix licenses from SCO after SCO started its legal action against IBM. Just another coincidence I suppose. Seems like an awful lot of coincidences building up here.

1. July 2007, Acacia Research Corporation announced that Jonathan Taub joined its Acacia Technologies group as Vice President. Mr. Taub joins Acacia from Microsoft, where he was Director, Strategic Alliances for the Mobile and Embedded Devices.

2. October 1, Acacia Research Corporation announced that it has has named Brad Brunell as Senior Vice President. Mr. Brunell joins Acacia from Microsoft, where during his 16 year career he held a number of management positions, including General Manager, Intellectual Property Licensing.

3. October 4, Monkey-boy (Steve Ballmer) speaking in London warns RH: "People who use Red Hat [Linux], at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to eventually compensate us," ... "There are plenty of other people who may also have intellectual property, and every time an Eolas comes to Microsoft and says, 'pay us,' I suspect they also would like to eventually go to the open source world,"

4. October 12, IP Innovation LLC a subsiduary of Acacia files a patent infringement claim against Red Hat and Novell.

Oh dear what a lot of coincidences. As we used to say back in the UK "pull the other one it's got bells on it"

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I think, in August 2007, there was a ruling in the acacia vs msft case. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. But, usually in these sorts of cases, msft and the other party come up with some sort of patent agreement.

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You must not actually read Groklaw. If you did, you would have seen the million references to the various Haloween documents that link Microsoft ---> Baystar ---> SCO

Read them for yourself

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