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Legal Groklaw reports that a company called IP Innovation, LLC, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Novell and Red Hat. Groklaw goes into black helicopter mode, trying to find a tie between this IP Innovation thing and Microsoft - and it finds it too. A few ex-Microsoft employees now work at IP Innovation. Do with it as you please.
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From the Boston Globe article:


Last year, Novell and Microsoft formed an alliance that included cross-licensing of each other's patents. Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer this month warned that Red Hat's failure to make a similar deal could force its customers to compensate Microsoft for use of its intellectual property. Ballmer added that small companies with patent claims would begin filing lawsuits against Linux distributors. The IP Innovation suit was filed the next week.

This seems to imply that, if anything, Ballmer was aware that IP Innovation (subsidiary of Acacia) would soon launch its lawsuit. That raises some serious questions. If MS is not involved, why did its CEO apparently know about the impending lawsuit?

I think in this case Ballmer got excited and spoke too much. I can't wait to see what comes up during discovery (I don't think Red Hat will pay up, that would open the gates to a barrage of suits, which would be exactly what MS wants).

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