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KDE "KDE 4 is coming. It's starting to look and behave in a mature enough manner to use it on a normal desktop. This article is a little introduction as to what you should expect from the brand new KDE that is due out later this year." Lots of screenshots too.
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RE[2]: Desktop toolbox?
by J.R. on Sun 14th Oct 2007 17:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Desktop toolbox?"
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"It was actually replaced very, very recently with a slightly less ugly semi-circle with an icon in it in the top-right corner of the desktop, although I hope a better solution will be found eventually. You can see a picture in one of Fred's screenshots here."

I would still prefer to not have it on the desktop at all, because in my opinion this feature should not be used very often. Perhaps on the context menu or something would be better. How often do you use this anyway? Once or twice to configure the look of your desktop and then never again?

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RE[3]: Desktop toolbox?
by jadeshade on Sun 14th Oct 2007 19:45 in reply to "RE[2]: Desktop toolbox?"
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IIRC, it's there for debugging purposes, so you can easily test out the various plasmoids, and won't be present (in anything like its current form) in the final version.

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