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Legal This week's 'big' news on OSNews was about software patents. You know, those things that say you cannot stack four pixels on top of one another unless you pay money to the guy who invented four-pixel-stacks (or the guy who bought the guy who invented four-pixel-stacks). A company called IP Innovation, LLC, has sued Novell and Red Hat for infringement of the company's IP portfolio. Software patents are of course generally completely ridiculous, so I will not focus on that here. I want to focus on something else.
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So the point...
by angryrobot on Mon 15th Oct 2007 19:19 UTC
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So the point of your article is that you don't like how some people take PJ's opinion as fact? I'm glad we have you here to put a stop to that, because otherwise Microsoft might get the undeserved reputation as a company that uses underhanded tactics ;)

I think we need to put MS under a big ass magnifying glass throughout this whole affair (not that GL isn't already doing that...). After all, GL did point out the tenuous connection between MS and Baystar, and that turned out to be true, right? I don't really think it would surprise anyone if this turned out to be true as well.

I think MS can defend themselves...they're big boys ;)

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