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Windows "When Microsoft announced Windows Home Server earlier this year, it was greeted with a mixture of curious disdain and eagerness. Some questioned what the product offered over existing solutions, while others welcomed it with open arms. It's at once hard to explain and easy to understand what Windows Home Server is, but it's worth getting to know the newest addition to the Windows family."
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I would buy it if it does what I want
by CrazyDude1 on Tue 16th Oct 2007 01:00 UTC
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Ok I would buy this product if it does what I want which is:

I have a big collection of pictures, personal movies and a lot of technical material. Right now I back it up on two disks but manually doing all the backup is really a pain.

I used rsync earlier and now i use synctoy. Both creates problems when i rename directories or move files from one place to another.

What I want is to have one master copy and replace my changes in that copy with all other redundant copy. It should also bring my USB external hard drive in sync. Also when i make changes, it should keep a history of my earlier changes (with some disk quota limits) etc.

I don't know if home server does all that or not, but if it does that then I am a game.

I know I can build all this using scripts etc but i just want a finished product instead of wasting my time on developing such solution myself.

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if that's what you need. why bother with a whole new server setup, why not just investigate some of the many many automated backup programs available.

Many of them will mirror folders, and drives for you. They'll monitor for changes and copy ONLY when files change. Most of them also have schedule functions so you can run them all the time (so they copy as soon as you change a file, or will wait for a set time and then check and copy any changed files)

There are dozens to choose from: many are free, some are not, but surely must be cheaper than buying a new box, configuring it, and paying the electricity to keep it running 24/7

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Why was this guy modded down for providing a useful link? It's certainly not off-topic since it has to do with backup, and it's certainly not offensive.

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I do not understand either.

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