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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 7.10 has been released. "Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition adds an enhanced user interface, improved hardware support, multiple monitor support and integrated desktop search. Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition features improved functionality, manageability, pro-active security and hardware compatibility and delivers a rapid deployment platform for developers and businesses. New versions of Kubuntu and Edubuntu, derivatives of Ubuntu aimed at KDE enthusiasts and the education community respectively, are also being released at the same time." And a review. Update: One more review.
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A couple of points...
by Polari on Fri 19th Oct 2007 09:57 UTC
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Ubuntu finally detects my monitor correctly! Very nice, as messing around in xorg.conf is never pleasant.

Compiz (or whatever it's called) seems relatively stable. The effects enabled by default appear to be pretty sensible. It's taken too long, but I'm pleased that it's finally here.

Fonts, default art etc. are all still not to my tastes, to put it diplomatically. The sloppiness of having two different information icons upon right clicking the network applet persists.

Tracker doesn't seem to work for me.

usplash still looks hideous on widescreen monitors. I can live with it, but I'd rather not.

Overall though, great release. Canonical just needs to hire some, y'know, artists. If Ubuntu had the same level of visual polish as Fedora, I'd recommend it without question. As it stands, it's easily the best desktop Linux distribution in every other respect.

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RE: A couple of points...
by Jamie on Fri 19th Oct 2007 12:03 in reply to "A couple of points..."
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Tracker doesn't seem to work for me.

Search results may not be available until tracker's initial indexing has finished (this is a feature not a bug). Also indexing is suspended on battery so you must be on ac power for initial indexing to occur. Also tracker pauses if it detects other apps writing to disk so if you are downloading stuff continuously tracker indexing will be stalled

Also if you previously had old versions of tracker installed pls do

killall trackerd
trackerd --reindex

(to make sure update blues has not spoilt things)

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