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Amiga & AROS AmigaOS 4.0 for classic Amigas will go on sale November 30th (yes, this year). From the news page: "On November 30 AmigaOS4 will ship for Classic Amigas. Hyperion Entertainment VOF made the announcement at the AmiWest banquet. The following will be included in the package: CD-ROM with AmigaOS4, one floppy disk to boot your Amiga (no pre-installed OS will be needed), and a manual."
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In my defense...
by bb_matt on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 18:13 UTC
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I've been using computers since 1981, my first being a ZX81. My mates had Vic20's and then Commodore64's, whilst I upgraded to the Spectrum.

It was great fun, learning to program basic etc.

But times have moved on and I've moved with them.

I'm now a web programmer and I enjoy it immensely.

As for Linux not having a decent desktop, where have you been?
It's come along in leaps and bounds and it's been a frustrating, fascinating and enjoyable ride.

To say that you can Tinker more with Amiga than Linux really does show an amazing lack of knowledge.

No, I'm not a Linux fanboi, or a Mac fanboi or a windows fanboi, I enjoy them all.

And I still can't see what the hype is about AmigaOS - the official website is so scant on detail, it's laughable. The link to the apps available is also laughable.

The term "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind...

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RE: In my defense...
by aliquis on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 21:16 in reply to "In my defense..."
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I never said MORE.

But since you have no memory protection on the Amiga you can more or less change whatever in the OS without risking anything because at worst all you need to do is reboot and not load whatever patch you used and it's all back to normal again.

And there was quite a few nice tools, utilities, hacks and patches which did stuff and it was fun to test them. I know you can for example replace the explorer in Windows but it's nothing I have ever tried, and in OS X you are rather limited. In Linux/BSD and AmigaOS there was more fun "hacks" you could try.

Amiga Inc and their webpage suck, what's the news?

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