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Qt Trolltech has discontinued its Linux-based 'Greenphone' development platform. Touted upon its introduction as the first Linux-based mobile phone with user-modifiable firmware, the device will be superseded by various third-party products, including not only open phones, but also portable media players, navigation devices, and home automation equipment, the company says.
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by jason_moorpark on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 21:56 UTC
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Damn! I just renewed my QT Licenses and my Greenphone SDK and bought a new phone. My account manager is going to hear about this....

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RE: What?
by leos on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 22:24 in reply to "What?"
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Why is this a surprise to you? Trolltech always marketed the Greenphone as a developer platform only. The only reason it existed is that there weren't really any other phones out there that people could develop with easily, so Trolltech made their own to give developers something to get a head start on.

Now that other phones exist, there is no point in making a phone just for that purpose. Any phone that can run QTopia will do just fine and be cheaper (like Neo1973).

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RE: What?
by harryF on Tue 23rd Oct 2007 11:39 in reply to "What?"
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Jason - I don't understand your concern. You got a supported phone that will aid you in creating Qtopia applications. The Greenphone was not a consumer device, so where's the problem? Enjoy your SDK, I can tell you that it's lightyears more fun to work on it than on most developer boards I've seen so far.

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