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Java Sun's starting to phase out mobile Java that's been the standard on cellphones and other small devices in favor of their standard edition, which are made for PCs everywhere. Sun VP James Gosling's reasoning for shifting everyone over to Java Standard Edition is because 'cellphones and TV set-top boxes are growing up', meaning they're getting enough processing power to handle all the demands of full-featured Java.
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Why different version afterall
by sanctus on Tue 23rd Oct 2007 01:09 UTC
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a mobile edition I can understand

But I always wonder why they have different version if not to complicated life for no good reason. Why a enterprise and standard? Ahh, web libraries and a web server .. come on!

where is the .net entreprise edition, C standard and enterprise version. Did you run a python standard or enterprise interpreter.

Next Linux distro will sell a enterprise edition, where gcc used the --enterprise-code-quality-compilation - it will be better!

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Matzon Member since:

I like the fact that there is a jre and then different sdks. The J2EE package contains a lot of stuff that is irrelevant for J2SE.
The reason why .net doesn't even have a EE edition, is because they don't have anything enterprisey ;)
The sheer number of enterprise solutions and packages (3rd party, jsr's etc.) is waaaaay higher and more advanced than .net. Not becuase .net is necessarily inferior, but simply because of java dominating in this marketspace (unlike desktop).

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I don't know how true that is. The more popular frameworks have already been ported over (hibernate, spring), and I find that The .net Way scales up a hell of alot better then The Sun Way scales down. I would still recommend J2EE for the largest of projects, but that really doesn't cover a huge amount of stuff. The problem with J2EE is that it is far too over engineered, and you and to do ANYTHING you have to write a ton of "plumbing" code. Once you have that done, it tends to work very well, but from a purely development point of view, I am a hell of alot more happy working with .net.

DISCLAIMER: I havnt really done J2EE work for about 4 years now, although before that it is all I did for about 3 1/2 years. So if something changed recently, I wouldnt know.

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The reason for different version is to reduce the size required for downloading - if they included everything which Java has, no one would download it - they would just put up with not having Java support.

J2ME served a purpose, now its time to move on - things have changed, the need to have a 'castrated' version is no longer relevant given larger flash capable mobile devices, faster processors and consumers demanding more from their applications. They want applications that are close to feature comparable as their desktop ones.

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kaiwai is right, there was a reason for CDC and CLDC. Different features on the devices, different needs by the developers.

Unfortunately both of these are slow and unresponsive on the device.

As for mysaifu...i have tried it on pocketpcs and it is very basic.

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