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Graphics, User Interfaces The Gimp 2.4 was released today and it includes a number of new features, like scalable brushes, align tool, new selection tools, color Management and soft-proofing, Red Eye removal and much more. Unfortunately, there is still no 16bit per pixel support, which is useful for digital photography editing.
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Iv heard it all before...
by ideasman42 on Wed 24th Oct 2007 23:00 UTC
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Im getting tired of people being overly critical of the gimp.
no its not photoshop, yes it is useful.

For some reason everyone just wants a free photoshop and will bitch and moan until it happens.

Im surprised that there are so few projects to fill this gap- There are a fair few OSS 3d apps around, some even have a lot of active development, but image editors must be less interesting or something.

It would be nice for some company to realize its import fot gimp to improve for the whole "linux on the desktop" thing to happen and fund a few more full time devs.

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RE: Iv heard it all before...
by Joe User on Wed 24th Oct 2007 23:06 in reply to "Iv heard it all before..."
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There's an old Spanish saying that goes like this: "Quien no llora no mama", in other words, "Who doesn't cry doesn't suck". If you don't complain about the GIMP, there will be even less development. It's almost stalled if you see the improvements over the last few years. I've tested the GIMP since 2001-2002, and I'm still unable to use it for my simple tasks because some basic features are still missing and will not me implemented any time soon. Too bad.

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tyrione Member since:

That saying is synonymous with, ``The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.''

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ideasman42 Member since:

The problem with this attitude is that you assume there are developers to carry out user requests.

From reading the gimp mailing list and SVN logs it seems like there aren't many active devs at any one time.

So when people get complain, I think they should take this into consideration.

Its not like there are 20 active dev's and they all get a kick out of omitting your favorite features..

Also, people seem to seriously dislike the gimp.
Im a blender user/developer and I recall even recently blender had NO undo. but its users were still really positive about blender3d, blender3d is a growing project with many users and developers... and continues to grow.

Im not sure where this negative attitude towards the gimp comes from.

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RE: Iv heard it all before...
by melkor on Thu 25th Oct 2007 11:07 in reply to "Iv heard it all before..."
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Huh? Maybe cos every open source zealot says 'GIMP is a Photoshop killer" or "the GIMP is as good as Photoshop".

The truth is, it isn't. It's nowhere near it. One of the best things that could happen to Linux is for Adobe to release a Linux version of Photoshop - do that and I think you'd see a fair number of people moving across.


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Who are these "every open source zealot"? I haven't seen them since 2002 - right, around the time that people began massively complaining about Gimp. These days people complain about Gimp so much that developers are beginning to commit suicide.

Can you show me even ONE recent comment from an "open source zealot" that says Gimp is a Photoshop killer? I know I can show you 328957382434634 comments in which people threaten to kill Gimp developers for creating the program.

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RE: Iv heard it all before...
by Laurence on Thu 25th Oct 2007 11:22 in reply to "Iv heard it all before..."
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"For some reason everyone just wants a free photoshop and will bitch and moan until it happens. "

No, people want Gimp to realise its potential.

There are plenty of FOSS that does basic image manipulation, but Gimp has a far greater potential than most. It's hardly surprising then that people get a little frustrated when, while it does some tasks as effectively as the other big guns, it fails badly on other basic jobs.

So in short: it's not about free professional software, it's about our community producing software to the high standards that we are capable of achieving.

People also seem to forget that this cannot be achieved without constructive criticism to aid developers with goals and direction.

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