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Opera Software The first Beta of Opera 9.5 has been released. "Opera 9.5 adds Full Text History Search allowing you to access find pages you forgot to bookmark by simply typing just a few words into your toolbar! Opera also gives you the ability to Create Search shortcuts from any search field on the Web; and to Synchronize your Bookmarks, Speed Dial with any other Mac or PC computer, your cell phone, or the Opera-powered Nintendo Wii Internet Channel through My Opera."
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New features over bug fixes
by A.H. on Thu 25th Oct 2007 18:44 UTC
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I've been pounding on Opera's door to fix a simple DOM/javascript bug since version 8.5

Since than they've added all kinds of features to the browser, from a jet engine to a kitchen sink, but this annoying little bug remains ;)

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deathshadow Member since:

>> I've been pounding on Opera's door to fix a
>> simple DOM/javascript bug since version 8.5

What bug? I'd be interested to hear that since Presto tends to be more compliant that Gecko by a factor of ten.

The only 'major' bug I can think of is on the CSS side - the rendering error that occurs putting position:absolute elements inside display:inline elements... and anything doing that can hardly be called 'simple'. (and was fixed in 9.5 by all appearances)

DOM/js side I've found nothing amiss - unless you are trying to ice-skate uphill on stuff that doesn't work in IE or Safari either or using Gecko specific calls.

Of course, if you are a .js fan, Kestrel's performance in that arena should be a real joy being it's possibly the fastest implementation out there.

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RE: New features over bug fixes
by Joe User on Thu 25th Oct 2007 19:51 in reply to "New features over bug fixes"
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"I've been pounding on Opera's door to fix a simple DOM/javascript bug since version 8.5"

Same for me. In KDE, Opera's menu icon (File | Edit | View) have a grey background instead of displaying the native Opera background. Looks ugly. I have reported it to the Opera developers 3-4 times in their bug-reporting page, always with screenshots but no feedback and no fixes. It's been there for almost two years now. Has anyone had any feedback at all from the Opera developers after reporting a bug?

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johnnysaucepn Member since:

Yes, but they won't email you personally. Sometimes bugs get confirmed in the forums by devs, sometimes they'll clearly state that they are working on specific problems, but usually the changelog is where you find out what's actually been fixed.

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frozen5555 Member since:

just use the static package it will do the trick for you.

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