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Opera Software The first Beta of Opera 9.5 has been released. "Opera 9.5 adds Full Text History Search allowing you to access find pages you forgot to bookmark by simply typing just a few words into your toolbar! Opera also gives you the ability to Create Search shortcuts from any search field on the Web; and to Synchronize your Bookmarks, Speed Dial with any other Mac or PC computer, your cell phone, or the Opera-powered Nintendo Wii Internet Channel through My Opera."
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RE[2]: LOVE Opera
by Doc Pain on Fri 26th Oct 2007 02:15 UTC in reply to "RE: LOVE Opera"
Doc Pain
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"Have you heard of konqueror?"

As it has been mentioned before, Konqueror does not have the same rendering abilities as Opera has which makes it a bit unusable for some web pages, or, to be more correct, sadly not all web pages are compatible to HTML standards.

Furthermore, using Konqueror involves installing and loading kdelibs et al. while Opera does not require KDE (or parts of, except Qt) to run.

Opera's GUI design and - yes! - its keyboard support are great. And I can't imagine how I could live without mouse gestures. =^_^=

I'm using Opera since version 5 (I think) in the english language version. Allthough I have some alternative browsers installed to check out "optimization" of web pages (i. e. how they are rendered outside my standard browser and if they are barrier-free), I would not want to change my standard browser at this point in time.

But please, don't get me wrong: There are very good alternative browsers (Safari, Konqueror, Firefox etc.) and all of them are better than the MICROS~1 web browser substitute. :-) But for me, Opera does the job best.

One thing I don't like about Opera: Older versions seemed to have a better structured configuration interface. I agree this is a very individual point of view.

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